Annette Johnson - Coldwell Banker Premier Realty


"I met Annette at our local YMCA. We had been working out in the same class for quite some time, and I found out she was in real estate. I had been having problems with my current agent and asked Annette some questions about selling a home. She was very knowledgeable and kind. I knew from that moment that wanted her to sell my home. My contract ended with my other agent, and I had Annette take over. After only 2 weeks, Annette had my house sold and in escrow. I will forever be greatful to her. She made the whole experience easy and enjoyable. She is very good at keeping you up to date about everything, and she gives you her all. If you are looking for a great realtor, you cannot go wrong with Annette!" 
Maurinne Arnold

"Please allow me to take this opportunity to express how Real Estate Agent Annette Johnson assisted in great magnitude. Being a grieving seller with property in probate created a challenge. Mrs. Johnson totally understood. Her level of patience, empathy, and compassion proved very valuable. She comes highly recommended."
Lachelle O.

"Annette was very helpful in selling my house. She was a great negotiator. She negotiated everything for me she was a great help getting this sale through and helping me get my new place where I can rent. I thoroughly appreciate her and I'm happy with everything she did!"
Cem Ralph12318

"My name is Aaron and I was looking for a realtor to help sell my house. My neighbor was also selling his and I met Annette through him. I was laid off of work and needed to sell my house fast! Annette took on the challenge and was very fast and professional with the process. She is so kind and and  great to work with! I believe my house was sold befor 30 days passed! I definitely recommend her as your realtor. Thank you very much Annette."

"Annette helped us find our home a few months ago. She was very good about meeting with us on our schedule whenever and wherever needed. It was a long journey to find that perfect home, but she didn't give up looking. She is a very determined realtor and will do her best to make sure you find what  you are looking for. She has no problem following up with all parties to ensure everything runs smoothly from the time the offer is put in to after the purchase is complete. Thank you for all your help Annette!"